Friday, 12 July 2013

why nokia is running behind in technology world

As we all people know in last 5 years, nokia has lost everything fame,money and also their customers. But in last 6 months it is something back on track. Nokia is producing well sturdy hardware, one of the best cameras in the world i.e durable hardware.But on software side nokia is running behind. Nokia uses microsoft windows operating system and many people not buying nokia devices because of microsoft operating system. Thus ,what is the problem in microsoft's operating system.Why it's not filling the expectations of people.what's the main cause of failure of windows phone.We will discuss this point by point..
  • Windows phone doesn't get updates as soon as android does i.e slow evolution of windows phone operating system.
  • Many users of windows phone finds that they get bored of interface after they use it, for some days.
  • Lesser no.of apps in windows phone also leaving behind it other vendors.
  • Lack of dedication i.e microsoft is less dedicated to it's job as nokia is dedicated to it's bussiness.
Thus, it concludes that only microsoft is the main reason to not let go nokia live it's freedom and make best devices out there. Due to microsoft's software people are not buying the nokia devices.

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